Family Bitch

Family Bitch

The Family Bitch No.2
de Zoe Black (Autor)
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Paige was caught by her father while her dog Thor was riding her to orgasm. Since then he's turned her into his bitch, too. But now her brothers are going to get in on the action, as well as her mom, and more dogs want to ride her through the scalding heat of her intense climaxes.


I was drooling a little under the hot sun, panting and gurgling, the heat swirling and churning within me as I submitted to his doggy lust, as he rode me like the bitch I was, used me as I deserved to be used, used me the way any alpha male would use a slutty blonde girl like me.

Even my own father had come to realize that lately. That was why was here out back naked, collared, wearing furry mittens that resemble paws, with similar leggings that wouldn’t allow me to stand up. I had a blonde tail, and doggy ears sprouting from the sides of my head held in place by a thin wire.

I was a bitch, he said, a bitch in heat. And now I looked the part.

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19 de marzo de 2022
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