Taboo Sorority Sisters Anthology

Taboo Sorority Sisters Anthology

by Houston Cei (Author)
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The Divine girls did wonderful things for the community; the gatherings at the Serenity Room were much more about love. The horny girls had sex with each other and also their featured guests. Group sex and swapping partners often included their parents. Those mothers and fathers who had not been sexually liberal soon became that way after being seduced by their sexually aggressive daughters.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Bobbie Jordan was sitting alone in the Serenity Room feeling amused at how easily Mrs. Romero had adjusted so quickly to the taboo ways of the Sorority Sisters. In walked Jean to ask cheerfully, "Just what are you smiling about?"

"Hi, Jean," Bobbie responded. "I was just thinking about how much fun we had with our guests at the last gathering."

"I bet your thoughts are mostly about Mrs. Romero. Wasn't she hot?"

"Yes, very much so," Bobbie said in response to Jean's rhetorical question. The smile left her face to be replaced by a frown.

"Okay, I sense something bittersweet," Jean said. "You were happy only a moment ago and now you suddenly look confused. What's in the wind? Or is it too personal?"

"Honey, nothing's too personal for you and me. We have been friends and lovers for a long time, not to mention Sisters. I've been thinking about my own family. Since my oldest brother graduated from law school he got married and started his own practice. My younger brother has one year left in school before he graduates and joins him. He'll probably get married, also. Sometimes I feel like an only child."

"I hear you talking but where are you going with this?"

Bobbie finally chuckled as she responded, "You and your family have a nice incestuous relationship and so does the Romero family, especially since Joy's mother and father are back together. And...well..."

Seeing that her friend was at a rare loss for words Jean politely interrupted, "Okay, I get it. Taboo is what's happening within the Sorority Sisters. It's accepted by all of us and it makes sparks fly. You're wondering why you and your family have not tried the so-called forbidden zone. If it bothers you, let's work on it. The details of what we do at the gatherings are meant to be kept secret but let's face reality. Things leak out, like Birdie's initiation, so your parents probably know about our taboo, but they also know the good things we do for the community.

"Because of their history of liberal sex, even taboo, it was easy for me to seduce my parents but if you feel it would be a challenge for you, I am here to help. Before I step in, I suggest you try some subtle hints. Find out what they know for sure about the gatherings at the Serenity Room and what they think about them, and also what they think about bi-sexuality."

Bobbie then said, "There's something about talking out anything with you that gives me all the comfort and confidence to do anything."

"That sounds sweet. I'd love to do some lovin' with ya with you now, but let's pass so you'll stay horny until you meet up with your mother and father. That'll give you the energy to complete your mission." They laughed together and parted after an embrace and tender kiss on the lips.

After having her conversation with Jean , Bobbie was pumped up for an erotic conversation with her parents. The urge to make taboo love drove her to set the stage for the seduction of her mother and father. The first act was to leave her bedroom door open all the time.

At first he paid little attention to see her standing in front of her full-length mirror in just a pair of thong panties.

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March 21, 2022
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