Consecration Sunday Stewardship Team Member Manual

by Herb Miller (Author)
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Teaching Stewardship from a Spiritual Perspective–Consecration Sunday Team Guide, Revised and Updated Edition.

Consecration Sunday approaches financing the ministries of your congregation by teaching stewardship from a spiritual perspective rather than a fundraising perspective. It focuses on the question, "What is God calling me to do?" rather than, "What does the church need in order to pay its bills?"

This revised edition offers updated language, references, and statistics while keeping everything that has resonated with the program for more than 25 years intact. Digital materials available with the Program Guide are now available via Internet download, are updated and include social media posts in additional to letters and other proven communications tools.

The Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program is a proven winner; it has helped thousands of congregations increase financial giving by 15% to 30%.

What do I need to get started?

Order the Stewardship Program Guide (9781791024024) and gather a team.
Purchase copies of the Team Member Guide (9781791024048), one for each member of your team.
These resources provide complete instructions for implementing the program successfully.

Also Available:
Consecration Sunday Estimate of Giving Cards Pkg. of 100 (9780687064069)
Living Gratitude Devotional (9781791024062)

Does it work?

Thousands of congregations have experienced 15% to 30% increases in financial giving with the Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program the first year plus additional significant increases in subsequent years of its use.

One congregation obtained these impressive multi-year results: First year, a 14.4% increase in giving; second year, 10.3% increase; third year, 13.4% increase; fourth year, 13.6%; and fifth year, 19.6% increase.

A congregation's financial secretary said, "More than two-thirds of our households made some degree of annual increase each year we used Consecration Sunday. And each year we used the program, four to six additional households decided to tithe (some of those donors grew from giving 4 percent of their income to giving 10 percent of their income)."

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