Trauma-Informed Children’s Ministry

A Practical Guide to Reaching Hurting Kids
by Robert G. Crosby (Author), Lori A. Crosby (Author)
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James used to laugh and joke with the other third graders. Now he was angry, aggressive, and defiant. James was hurting, but Pastor Becky didn't know how to help. Like many children's pastors, she didn't realize that a child in her ministry was experiencing symptoms of trauma. She wasn't sure how to respond to his big feelings and challenging behaviors.
Trauma-Informed Children's Ministry: A Practical Guide to Reaching Hurting Kids helps children's ministry leaders understand trauma and strengthen their ministries to serve and disciple hurting kids.
Divorce, bullying, adoption, abuse. Learn how trauma touches the children you love and what most churches get wrong when it comes to teaching and disciplining children who have experienced trauma.
Why does Isaac keep talking back? Why is Sara under the table crying? Make sense out of the most frustrating, confusing, and heartbreaking child behaviors.
Through inspiring, real-life stories, discover practical, research-based strategies to begin transforming your ministry this Sunday.
Good intentions are not enough. Our changing society craves authentic churches equipped to reach all children. This powerful, groundbreaking book will help you: Cultivate caring relationships. Eliminate challenging behaviors. Encourage your team. And amplify your church's impact in the community!

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April 13, 2022
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