by Payton,Lindsey (Author)
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 Lucy's life has always been simple--go to school, get good grades, go home. Moving from town to town every few years, she never really had the chance to get comfortable in her own environment. College was her first opportunity to do things the way she wanted. And with her best friend, Lydia, by her side, everything seemed perfect.

Then she meets Mitchel Davenport. Starting quarterback at Ohio State University, Greek Row's "#1 Most Bangable," and now, Lucy's biggest obstacle to a life of normalcy. He's known for being quite the ladies' man around campus. Mitchel never would have looked twice at Lucy, but fate has a funny way of showing you what you need in life.

She's a mystery; he doesn't back down from a challenge. Mitchel makes it his own personal mission to sweep Lucy off her feet and show her just how good life can be with him.

Can Mitchel work his magic and get the girl?

Will Lucy finally be able to let her guard down and find true love?

Only time will tell.

**Indescribable is recommended for readers aged 18 and above**

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May 06, 2022
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