New York City Firsts

Big Apple Innovations That Changed the Nation and the World
by Laurie Lewis (Author)
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What do the credit card, Oreo, school nurse, and crossword puzzle have in common? All originated in New York City. These and about 300 other New York originals fill the pages of New York City Firsts. From colonial times through the present day, first-of-their-kind achievements occurred in New York in every imaginable field, from the arts to sports, from business to social welfare. These firsts ranged from life-changing accomplishments, such as the invention of air conditioning, to the downright silly. Cronuts, anyone?

The book provides a broad picture of the social history of America in general. What problems of the day cried out for solutions by daring individuals and bold ideas? How did people enjoy themselves at various points in history? In this most densely populated American city, where did residents live, and how did they get around?

New York City Firsts is for history lovers and trivia buffs regardless of where they live. It’s a fun read, a great gift, and a tantalizing diversion.

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April 01, 2022
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