Forgiving Mother

Forgiving Mother

de Angel Scott (Auteur)
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Wanna know more facts about the author of this book?! This is a hot tale of mother getting to know her sons. Some life events can be hard or even cruel. But can this mother get her sons to forgive her? This Mommy is all about her boys; and her sons are all about their mom. Hot MILF and horny teens - and its even hotter since when the boys are of her own flesh and blood who she raised to become men. Satisfy your incestuous craving with this dirty Mother son sex story. Find out about love in an incestuous romance.


Erica felt bad for her son. Should she offer herself to him? Would he reject her? Would he turn her in or think she went crazy in the head? All these questions piled into her brain and she moaned in pleasure at the thought.

“Mom, your moaning is making me horny. What do you suggest?”

“We can do whatever you want, son.”

“I want sex. I want to feel loved. Love and sex go hand in hand.” Ethan pouted.

“I can give that to you. I should make it up for all that lost time. I do love you, son. It’s why I gave you up. To give you a better life. A life you deserved. I just hope all my kids forgive me for it. I did what I thought would be best for all of you.”

“I forgive you, momma. Yes, if you’re willing to make love to me. I will do that with you. I would even take you on a date.” Ethan said as he moved closer to his mom.

“Good. That’s the way to treat a woman. Sex and dates. I knew they would raise you right. Come here, son.” She reached her arm out and waited for him to cuddle into her.

Ethan scooted all the way over and wrapped his arm around her bare skin. Skin to skin contact felt good to Ethan. He saw porn videos, so he knew what to do. Thankfully.

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Date de publication
2 avril 2022
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1,39 Mo
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