Peer Pressure To Kiss My Brother

Peer Pressure To Kiss My Brother

by Angel Scott (Author)
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Peer Pressure could be a challenge. It could be mean, or fun. But either way, kissing can become enjoyable or a big laugh. Come join this tale of three ladies getting pressured to kiss their brother! Will the guys get their way with their sister? Will love bloom?


"Maybe he wants to kiss her?" Another college buddy smirked.

"Kiss who. His sister?"

"Yeah, maybe Justin wants to kiss his sister." The fella made kissing noises and pressed his thin lips together. He puckered his lips together.

A few men laughed. "Yeah, taboo shit. Hot. Kissing a sibling."

Justin started to turn beet red now. Oh my God! Did his buddies figure out his feelings and the actions he wanted to take? Now he felt embarrassed. He tried to laugh. But inside he did not laugh.

"What? You guys are too funny. Justin kissing Justina." Josh smirked.

"Yeah, kiss your sister!" Austin yelled.

"Kiss!" Another man yelled.

"Do you want to kiss her? Is that the problem here, Justin?" Josh asked as he threw his arms up into the air.

"N-n-no. I–." Justin stuttered.

"Oh my God! You do. Your turning beet red. You always turn beet red when you get caught in something. I’ve known you for years.” Josh laughed.

“I-I-I.” Justin stumbled. He felt at a loss for words. What else could he say? He could not lie. Not now. Not when his face showed jealousy, redness, and sweat.

“Well, this might get awkward a wee bit. But we aren't dating. Kiss her! Maybe you will feel better then." Josh said. He pushed Justina towards him. "Here's your chance buddy. Kiss her." Josh said.

Justina felt her face turn beet red. Yes, she wanted to kiss her brother. But not in front of everyone. She did not want people to know her feelings. More peer pressure. Peer pressure to kiss her own brother. Not something you normally hear about.

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" All the men in the room chanted at once.

Peer pressure. Justin did not like that. But he did want to kiss his sister. So, he pulled her close and leaned in. He pressed his thin lips onto his sister's thin lips.

"Whooo!" All the men shouted in the background.

The kiss ended several seconds later. But it felt good to Justin. He looked deep into his sister's dark blue eyes. He saw some hair fall from her ponytail, so he slid his fingers through the hair and put the hair behind her ear.

"Sorry, sis. Peer pressure. But I did want to kiss you." Justin admitted.

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