Summary of Bernard Ollivier's Walking to Samarkand

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#1 I had been on three flights before boarding the bus to Erzurum: Paris–Istanbul, Istanbul–Ankara, and finally Ankara–Erzurum. I was comfortably strapped in my seat when I looked down and watched as the landscapes, cities, and villages raced by. I wanted to get out and walk.

#2 I set out from Istanbul on the first leg of this journey in April 1999. I was excited and happy to be walking the world, and I had high expectations for the trip. But my joyful mood was dampened when I was attacked by Kangals and people, and when I was sick and had to be evacuated.

#3 I’m setting out in May, so most of my journey will take place during the summer. I’ll have to cross three of Central Asia’s hottest deserts, each one inhabited by friendly little critters like cobras, scorpions, and tarantulas.

#4 I was determined to enjoy the journey, no matter what. I was getting on in years, and I had no idea if my health would hold up as it had in the past. I was afraid of solitude, but I wanted to experience it.

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