Let Me Entertain You

Let Me Entertain You

Webcam Auto Erotica
by Ona Dare (Author)
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Webcam Auto Erotica: I’m back! I’ve been very busy lately but I haven’t forgotten about you. If you’re looking for a love story this time, forget it. This is pure, one hundred percent hot, nasty sex and it’ll blow…your…mind. It’s got a little bit of everything to satisfying your cravings, and there are no holes barred, heh. You’ll never look at your computer the same again. The secret tale of one man’s foray into performing auto erotica with sketchy sex on webcam - and MFM.


Some might say I’m a narcissist, but I would disagree. I’m self-conscious and insecure, and not even able to ask a woman out for a date. I don’t know why because I am quite the package, if I must say so myself.

I’m tall, six foot four, am muscular but not huge like a weight lifter, and I sport quite a nice six pack. I’ve got a big one which I have measured precisely, nine and a half inches long, and seven inches in girth. I’ve got everything a woman…or a man, might need or want. But it seems that is not to be, so I’ve made masturbation into a science. Trust me when I say, there’s nothing I won’t do to gratify myself…for hours at a time.

But I'm lonesome...I need an audience.

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Publication date
April 04, 2022
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1.11 MB
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