You Will Be Mine

You Will Be Mine

Savage Kidnapping
by Ona Dare (Author)
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Savage Kidnapping: The idea has been percolating in my mind for a few months now and has fast become an obsession, no matter that I never wanted it to be. I’m just a practical guy with certain goals, and life hasn’t been cooperating with me. I'm not a violent man and I have certainly never wanted to hurt anyone. But this plan must be approached with all due respect and compassion.


If I were a New Ager, which I am not, I would think the stars were indeed aligning for this mission. I am not crazy, I’m not a criminal, and I don’t want you coloring the rest of the story that way. In time you will see that I’m a normal, red blooded, American man who needs and wants a mate. It’s just taken me a while to find one who overwhelms my senses and is perfect for my needs...

Opening the front door, I breathe in the smell of my home and it’s a comfort that can’t be compared. The only thing missing is a cat or dog that comes running to greet me. I keep telling myself I’m going to get a small dog for company. It would pretty much make my life complete.

Walking toward my bedroom, I think a nice hot shower would feel wonderful and I find myself looking forward to the rest of the evening. Writing can wait until tomorrow.

Just as I walk through the door, someone grabs me from behind and slaps duct tape over my mouth! This is what you get for leaving home!

“Calm down, Angie. I’m not going to hurt you. Don’t panic… just breathe.”

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April 04, 2022
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