Holden's Law

Holden's Law

Age Gap Romance
by Ona Dare (Author)
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ge Gap Erotica - Taking pity on a starving law student, a gorgeous older man invites me to dinner, and dazzles me in so many ways. His looks, his maturity, his confidence...all conspire to make me fall for him. The fact that he is the senior partner of one of DC's largest law firms has nothing to do with it. Who he is and what he does to my body does. And now I can't live without him.


While Ava was ruminating on her pitiful life, she failed to look up when a man asked her where to find a certain section in the law library. Since she was the librarian on duty it was her responsibility to help students find their way around.

“Miss? Miss, could you help me, please?”

Wait. What? “Oh! I’m so sorry, sir. I guess I was woolgathering and didn’t notice you standing there! Forgive me?”

“Sure, I can relate. I have so much going through my mind these days it’s a miracle I don’t leave the house with different colored socks on.” What an attractive girl!

“If I ever pass the bar it will be a miracle! Now, how can I help you, sir?”

“I’m looking for the Federal Reporter section.”

“Follow me.” What a gorgeous guy!

Ava waited for any opportunity to look at his left hand. She hated how some women were so obvious and forward. If she didn’t catch a glimpse of a wedding ring or the absence thereof, she’d try again another time if he ever came back to the library.

“Here you go. Please let me know if I can be of any further help. I’ll be at the front desk until five o’clock.”

“Thank you, Miss….”

“Connelly. Ava Connelly,” she smiled and then turned to leave. Was that a little bit of greying at his temples?

Kenneth Holden was gobsmacked. Miss Connelly wasn’t a traditional beauty but there was something about her that hit him square in the gut... and in the groin. She was tall, had chestnut hair, and was curvy in all the right places. And she had an incredible tail end.

Ken knew it had been a long time since he’d had sex with anyone other than his hand, and he knew he was craving a woman’s touch, but Miss Connelly must be only nineteen or twenty years old. He’d be insane to even attempt a come-on in public. Eeewww, like you’re old enough to be my dad, and stuff! Good Lord, it would be humiliating. But the more he thought about it the more he wanted to get to know her.

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April 04, 2022
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