AFIPEK and the State Department of Fisheries: Developing Fisheries Regulations

AFIPEK and the State Department of Fisheries: Developing Fisheries Regulations

by John Kabaa (Author)
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The Kenya Fish Processors & Exporters Association (AFIPEK) is a professional association of the fisheries' industry in Kenya comprised of fish processors through the country from the Nyanza, Nairobi and Coast regions. It is the only active, established organization devoting its efforts toward the professional, ethical and social aspects of supporting the large-scale industrial fish processors, with its core functions being inter-member coordination, conservation and management. Its mandate is to foster public recognition and support for the sector, to promote high-quality fish and fish products, and to advocate for the effective management of inland and marine fish resources.

One of the key outcomes for the business advocacy fund was to see whether the Business Member Organizations (BMOs) and Civil Service Organizations have developed effective working relationships with public sector policymakers. Monitoring of private-public partnerships of BMOs with Ministries, Departments and Agencies was undertaken. The report sought to determine their success and challenges over a year and provide recommendations to enhance joint advocacy projects where they undertake research, prepare policy proposals or pursue changes in public policy.

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April 05, 2022
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