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BellTower is delighted to showcase our award-winning project details, manual and proposal to you. We are committed to helping the community meet their basic human needs through lasting, scalable projects and technologies. John Kamau, mentioned in Appendix 2, is the main visionary to the Open Source Community project. The 'Open Source Communities' Case Study is presented in Appendix 3. His designs anticipate not only basic energy and water needs, but sustainable food security and environmental approach for any society.

By using locally available and cost-effective material and operating on a cost-sharing economy, John provides the construction set-up kit via open source to many within Kenya. Smart energy and rainwater harvesting, filtration, and water quality detection units are now being deployed in agricultural places where rainfall is scarce. A manual on how to set up the construction of the water resource centre is shown in Appendix 4. Many are willing to work with him on a regenerative agroforestry setting with a focus on socio-economic impact and addressing nutrition, education, gender issues with a financially inclusive fintech platform. Using his designs are not just good for us in making a profit, they are also good for the planet.

The book provides documentation that illustrates water security in certain territories for sustainable development and food security. It showcases not only how to set up any smart project and manage the resources, but also examples of plans for smart water resource management and regenerative agroforestry via fruit trees with circular sustainability. We hope you enjoy the reading fully!

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April 05, 2022
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