Boy – out and About

by Bradley Mill (Author)
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Autobiographical fiction, the further happenings of Boy. His voice continues. Hear how he copes with the new environment, the new friends, the new disciplines. How does he manage his separation from Clive? Will he find another friend or friends?

The parents appear to have made a mistake in moving house. Hear Boy’s voice tell you of his new problems. The teenage years are filled with new adventures and new companions, one in particular, Gordon. But Boy is maturing, and he must ready himself for life with a capital L. As expected, it’s not easy for him. Somehow, he comes through several trials, but they just seem to continue to occur daily. Follow him into business, and the theatre and through romances or attempted romances. Meet the girls he encounters or, more particularly, pursue him on a daily basis. Meet the men who want to have encounters with him. Boy is never at peace.

Once again, the police become involved in Boy’s adventures and he has to do some fancy sleuthing with a mate to resolve several issues.

Will Boy find peace? Will he find a resolution to his early childhood traumas? It all unfolds in the sequel to ‘Boy in the Long Grass’.


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May 12, 2022
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