My Journey to the Top of the World

And the life lessons I learnt along the way
by Saray Khumalo (Author)
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In this truly remarkable life story, Saray Khumalo shares her epic journey to the top of the world: Mount Everest. From her childhood in Zambia and Zaire, to a corporate career in South Africa, through marriage and motherhood, Saray harboured one overriding ambition: to reach the summits of the world’s highest mountains. She first summited Mount Kilimanjaro, and then others, but her ultimate goal was to conquer the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. After three unsuccessful attempts, Saray became the first black African woman to summit the world’s highest peak. Her success was hard-won, though – along the way, she suffered severe personal setbacks, serious health issues and life-threatening injuries.

But her perseverance finally paid off, and Saray’s success has helped change the narrative around high-altitude mountaineering – who belongs on the mountains, and whose stories are told. In this fascinating memoir, she shares not only her incredible mountaineering story, but also the lessons she learnt about life, perseverance and falling forward.

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June 01, 2022
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