Summary of N. T. Wright's Surprised by Hope

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The world was plunged into a week of national mourning for Princess Diana in autumn 1997. People brought flowers, teddy bears, and other objects to churches, cathedrals, and town halls, and stood in line to write touching but sometimes tacky messages in books of condolence.

#2 The fifth scene is a graveyard of a different sort. As long as we see Christian hope in terms of going to heaven, the two questions are bound to appear unrelated. But if the Christian hope is for God’s new creation, there is every reason to join the two questions together.

#3 The Christian belief in life after death is a muddle, and it produces serious mistakes in our thinking, praying, liturgies, and practice. It is crucial that we understand what we believe about death and life beyond it, because it affects everything else.

#4 There is a world of difference between the Muslim who believes that a Palestinian boy killed by Israeli soldiers goes straight to heaven, and the Hindu who believes that the rigorous outworking of karma means that one must return in a different body to pursue the next stage of one’s destiny.

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