Summary of Amartya Sen's Home in the World

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#1 I have experienced similar defeats in my attempts to respond to other searches for unique identification. I have never been able to answer the question what is your favorite food. because I love them all, but I would not like to live on any one of them as my only food.

#2 My family was living in the city of Dhaka when I was born in 1933. I was not born there, but they were very happy there. The house was built by my paternal grandfather, Sharada Prasad Sen, who was a judge in the Dhaka courts.

#3 I knew I belonged to Dhaka, but like many urban Bengalis, I felt my home was the village from which the family had moved to the city. My home village, the ancestral home of my father’s family, is a tiny one called Matto, in a district called Manikganj.

#4 The name of my house in old Dhaka, Jagat Kutir, meant the cottage of the world. It reflected my grandfather’s skepticism of nationalism, but I loved listening to the stories of travel and adventure that visitors told me.

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