Charismatic and Expository Preaching

A Case Study of Two Preaching Methods within the Local Church
by Lewis D. Mathis (Author)
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The purpose of this study on charismatic and expository preaching is to find the common ground of the two preaching methods and solidify them into a sound, biblical and theological preaching method that will edify the body of Christ and lead to growth for local churches. To solidify charismatic and expository preaching, it is necessary to explore the hermeneutical, exegetical, and homiletical issues that divide the two methods regarding the work of the Holy Spirit and the gifts the Spirit bestows to believers for ministry. Charismatic interpretations concerning the gifts of the Spirit revolve around "speaking in tongues" as the primary identifier of being filled with the Spirit, which most expository preachers and scholars view as an incorrect interpretation. This study seeks to answer these problems in the quest of unifying both preaching methods.

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May 11, 2022
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