The Secret to the Best Life

How to Find It & How to Live It
de Sh. Mohamed Idris (Autor)
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I have printed many books in different languages, but this one, although small in size, is great
in content, or at least I think so. The fact that I poured my heart into it, makes it one of the closest
books to me. Now I want to share with the readers around the world my journey in finding what the
best life could be and what the joy of life can look like in our reality. Being close and familiar with the
universe around us, practicing the power of patience, controlling your anger, living natural as much as
possible, managing your time, trying always to boost your faith and believe, treating others as you like
to be treated, being fair to yourself and others, understanding that opportunities never ends but need
to be discovered and grasped, thinking big and looking the world at large, waking the magic hours of
the day and never giving up to succeed and reach your goal, is some of the ways that i have discovered
the best life and wish to share with you.

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20 de mayo de 2022
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