When God Calls You from Your Comfort Zone

by Carl Hays (Author)
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When God Calls You from Your Comfort Zone is an inspirational book written by Carl Hays, who grew up in Mississippi during the turbulent civil rights years. Carl Hays’s father was deeply involved in human rights and civil rights campaigns of the ’60s. The book explains how a father during those turbulent years inspired and influenced his family to overcome insurmountable odds to succeed.

The book opens by explaining how God created everything and each person in uniqueness, on purpose, and for a purpose. In order for each person to understand his uniqueness and purpose for being created and to be used by God, he must first learn how to communicate with God.

The author goes on to explain how God will always provide a boat for Noah. God called Jonah and provided a fish. God called Abraham and provided a ram for him. God called David and provided a stone for him. God called Moses and provided a rod for him. Each person God calls must be able to understand, recognize God’s call, and be willing to step outside their comfort zone with the confidence God will provide.

The author appeals to his readers to examine the times we are living in and all the prophetic signs that are appearing everywhere, to learn to communicate with God to determine their purpose and be willing to step outside their comfort zone knowing God will always provide whatever is necessary to carry out his purpose.

God has a ram for you.

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May 24, 2022
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