When My Grandma Went to Heaven

When My Grandma Went to Heaven

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Brothers Sebastian and Lukas Leipold were gifted with a special grandmother who taught them that life is not just about them. It is about the love they share and the smiles they put on other people’s faces.
In a poignant tale, Sebastian and Lukas, with help from their mother, Malissa, share an inspirational glimpse into their special relationship with their grandma, Lyn, as she lovingly guided them with her words of wisdom and unwavering faith. From the moments they took their first breaths until she journeyed to heaven after a courageous battle with cancer, Sebastian and Lukas detail how they witnessed many miracles through her unwavering faith and dedication to serving the poor and homeless, and ultimately learned that, even in their saddest moments, they could still love unconditionally, see the light, and be comforted.
When My Grandma Went to Heaven is a simple story of love through suffering and joy that will inspire, guide, and provide hope to anyone struggling to endure life’s difficult moments.

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May 23, 2022
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