When Midnight Comes!

by Rev. Charles Nowell (Author)
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It is of great honor and privilege that I present to the readers writing that will give those who possess these words in their view all that can have many to tell others what they have purchased as a powerful reminder of past, present, and future writings. During my years of sharecropper’s son for nineteen years. God bless to have an Afro-American father and mother who were able to buy and farm many produce for market purchases. It was there on this farmland in Hobbsville, North Carolina. As the youngest of eleven children, it was in rural North Carolina where my father and mother have one large farm. During these years, Daddy purchased the farm, owned a small store, was a preacher of the gospel, was a pastor, and was a leader of a rural country congregation. But it was never his obligation and duty as a father of eleven children, but he maintained who he was. I grew up going to school in a red brick schoolhouse attended only by Afro-Americans (Negros) for many of my younger years. By now, I came accustomed to the beginning of freedom but still slaves; it was there in rural North Carolina that I learn what slavery was all about.

My father and mother raised eleven children from the sweat and tears while dealing with racialism in the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s, but they were able to raise eleven professional children as follows:

Thomas E. Nowell—a military, postal worker, construction (building swimming pool)

Lillian Nowell (Franklin)—works for the Bell Telephone Company, raising four children

Ruth Nowell (Drew)—works in Bell Telephone, usher in church

Mildred Nowell (Boyd)—works in Bell Telephone, usher in church

Nurney L. Nowell Sr.—IRS, bridge and tunnel toll booth (captain), has three children

Harold Nowell—military service, mass transit authority (train operator)

Willie Nowell—military service, a custodian in school system

Marjorie Nowell (King)—a housewife and a mother of four boys

Lillie Mae Nowell (Chappell)—first son, nurse, and usher in church

Arthur Nowell—serves in the United States Air Force, E-8, retired from twenty-two years of service, works as an ROTC instructor, taught Baltimore, Maryland, school system

Rev. Dr. Charles L. Nowell Sr.—has three children, served in the United States Air Force for eight years and six months, honorably discharged in November 1974

This will give readers a close look at my past and now. Thank you.

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May 25, 2022
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