Summary of Scott B. Rae's Moral Choices

by   Everest Media (Author)
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The question of why be moral is fundamental to understanding ethics. Most people associate doing well in life with being a good person, and being moral is critical to a person’s flourishing in life.

#2 Ethics are crucial because moral questions are at the heart of life’s vital issues. Morality is fundamental to politics, medicine, and the sciences. It is also important because it provides the basis for making moral choices.

#3 There is a greater emphasis on character in today’s society, and ethics helps determine which character traits are admirable and worth cultivating. But many people are beginning to question whether there is such a thing as genuine moral knowledge.

#4 The most critical and foundational element of ethics is the direction that God provides, both in his Word and outside his Word. I believe that morality ultimately stems from the character of God.

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May 26, 2022
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