Lusty Incest At Sea

Lusty Incest At Sea

Taboo Twins No.1
de A.J. Mayes (Auteur)
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When twins are the only ones left in a family, they rely heavily on each other. The love between Tiffani and TJ grows beyond all boundaries. Will a cruise cement their love, or will it show them the cracks?


I need a shower. Please, dress and wait for me on the balcony.”

“Sure. Wear something daring and short, Trouble.”

“The dress I’m wearing is borderline illegal. I'll be hanging out, and if I bend over at all, people will see my perfect tail.”

“Good. I want men wishing they were me.”

“And I want women hating me.” She eyed his chest. “Leave your shirt unbuttoned, Tarzan.”

He beat his chest and did his jungle yell. “Tarzan kill women.”

She rolled her eyes and glided into the bathroom. After a quick shower, she hopped out, grabbed a towel, then her heart fluttered when TJ walked by. “Wow.”

“I think the same thing every time I see you. I’m starving. How long?”

“Give me five minutes.”

With carnal thoughts flashing through her mind, she rushed to the closet and tugged a lacy thong up her legs. She stepped into a backless, orange silk dress, slid the spaghetti straps over her shoulders, and slid her feet into spiked summer sandals matching the color of the dress. Moving back into the bathroom, she glanced at her reflection. God, I’m hot. TJ will love me in this dress.

She sauntered into the living and gave him a sultry smile while he eyed the plunging neckline and deep-cut sides of the dress. He lowered his eyes, scanned the hem riding high on creamy thighs, and swallowed hard.

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13 avril 2022
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