Twin Ties of Incest

Twin Ties of Incest

Taboo Twins No.2
di A.J. Mayes (Autore)
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Can incest replace the loss of parents? For twins, it is their only answer. Alcohol and need lead them to a wild night of forbidden sex. With a little help from some BDSM, frustration and loneliness are a thing of the past. Will they form a love that lasts forever? Incest makes anything possible.


I’m young, hot, and rich. I deserve better. We’re done, asshole.”

“You don’t mean that. Give me another chance.”


She stormed out of the apartment, ran to her Mercedes convertible, and, hopping in, slammed the door. Damn. Why can’t I find a man like Cooper? Shit. I’m tired of fighting it. Incest be damned. I’m going after him. She rammed the gearshift into drive, then tires screeched over concrete when she exited the parking lot. The wind rushed through her sable-brown strands as the car weaved in and out of traffic. Suddenly a light ahead turned red, and she slammed on the brakes. Before the car shuddered to a stop, she yanked her cell from her purse and pushed a button. The call went through, and her heart stuttered when a man said, “Hey, sis. What’s up?”

“I’m done with Zack. Are you alone? I need my brother.”

“You know I broke up with Megan last week. It’s just me at the house, and I’m lonely. Come home.”

“If this damned red light I’m stuck at ever turns green, I’ll be there in ten minutes. I need to get drunk, Cooper.”

“I’ll make a pitcher of Margaritas.”

“Mmm. You know I get flirty when I drink Tequila.”

“Yeah. Get here, sis.”

“Oh, the light’s green. I’m on my way.”

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13 aprile 2022
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