Sibling Birthday Incest

Sibling Birthday Incest

Taboo Twins No.3
by A.J. Mayes (Author)
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Marriage is the goal between two people who love each other. Should incest stop twins from this goal? For these siblings the answer is an emphatic no. They exchange wedding rings and vows, then add a little pain into the mix. Voila! I now pronounce you man and wife. How difficult is that?


A shiver ran down her spine, and her heart soared as she gazed at the sparkling diamond perched on her finger. Harley sighed, leaned close to her twin brother, and blew warm air into his ear. “I love you, Baker. Thanks for buying me a wedding ring. I like pretending I’m your wife.”

“I wish I could marry you for real. Love you, too.”

“I’d sell my soul to the devil to spend my life with you.”

“Forget making a deal with the devil. I have an idea.”

“Don’t leave me hanging. Tell me, sexy man.”

“I’ll work it out and tell you while we’re in Vegas, angel eyes.”

“Okay.” She felt a bump, then adrenaline surged through her veins as the jet’s hydraulics lowered the landing gear. “We’re about to land. God, I’m excited.”

“Me, too.” He placed a hand on her thigh. “Our long wait is almost over.”

“Yeah, it is. Happy twenty-first birthday, brother.”

“Ditto, sis. Remember. If anybody asks, we got married last night.”

“I’ll never forget the moment you slid the ring onto my finger.”

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April 13, 2022
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