Sibling Twins In Love

Sibling Twins In Love

Taboo Twins No.5
de A.J. Mayes (Autor)
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What do twins give each other when they turn twenty one? Sex! Lots of sex. Will incest be all they have? No. Just add another person and a little BDSM for the best birthday ever. Will it be enough?


“No way.” Tex chuckled, then scooped the Franklin off the table and handed it to Brill. “Seeing you play pool was worth every penny. You damn sure taught me to never underestimate an opponent.”

“I enjoyed it.” She stuffed the bill deep into the valley of her cleavage, leaned close to Tex, then kissed his cheek, and purred, “You’re a good sport. Reach in my vest and take your money back.”

“But you beat me fair and square.”

“I was only playing for fun. Don’t go shy on me now, bad man.”

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13 de abril de 2022
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