Twins Birthday Surprise

Twins Birthday Surprise

Taboo Twins No.6
by A.J. Mayes (Author)
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When twins live on a ranch, how do they celebrate their birthday? They have sex near a river. What does a mom give her twins for a birthday gift? Steamy sex in a barn during a thunderstorm. Who needs city lights when lightning is brighter?


A gust of wind rustled the leaves in trees lining a river as Cheyenne yanked the saddle off her horse. She set the saddle at the base of a tree, then slid the bridle straps over the horse’s ears and smiled when the mare spit the bit out. Carnal thoughts of her twin brother caused tingles inside while she rubbed the horse’s nose. “Graze, but stay close, Brandy.”

Brandy whinnied and lowered her head.

Cheyenne tugged her sheer tank over her head, kicked her boots off, and her blood simmered as she pushed her jeans down her legs. She gazed at the river as a breeze brushed by her. Okay. Today is our twenty-first birthday, and Clint promised. So, where the hell is he?

She lay on a blanket of lush grass under the tree, rested her head on the saddle. Then the sound of hooves striking the ground caught her attention. Thank God. He’s finally here. She catapulted off the grass and locked her eyes on Clint as he reined his horse to a stop. “I love you. Where the hell have you been, brother? You said you’d be here waiting for me.”

“Sorry, sis. Mom ambushed me in the barn. I’m here now. Love you, too.” Clint’s eyes roamed over the curves of her ample chest, then scanned her slim waist and long, athletic legs. “Do me.”

“Get down here and I will, cowboy. What did mom want?”

“I’m not sure. She was acting weird. Let’s talk about it after we do it.”

“Okay.” Cheyenne took a breath. “I’m in heat. Now.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

He jumped down, unsaddled his horse, then tugged his t-shirt off and grinned. “You ready, cowgirl?”

“Oh, yeah. Can’t wait.” She eyed his six-pack and biceps, then held her breath while he pushed his jeans down. Her heart stuttered, then galloped.

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April 13, 2022
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