Sibling Incest On Caribbean Islands

Sibling Incest On Caribbean Islands

Taboo Twins No.10
by A.J. Mayes (Author)
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Siblings pretending to be husband and wife. Incest between twins must be kept a secret. Right? Unless there is another set of twins that has the same secret. Incest, friends, and great sex. What’s so secret about that?


Maya’s blue-green eyes roamed over her twin brother’s muscles while he tossed their bags into the back of the rented Jeep. She fought to rein in her urges, then a spark inside ignited her smoldering lust. Damn. I’m ready for this. When he closed the Wrangler’s tailgate, she tilted her head and brushed her lips over his. “I love you, Trace. Please. Get us to the resort.”

“I’m anxious to get there too.” He ran fingers through her silky wheat-colored strands. “I love you, sis. Last chance. Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” She stared him down. “We came to Jamaica to finally make love. We’re doing this. Got it, Bam Bam?”

“Yep. Get your perfect tail in the Jeep, Pebbles. Now.”

“Ooh. I like it when you call me Pebbles. Happy twenty-first birthday, brother.”

“Ditto, sis. Get in the damn Wrangler.”

“Yes, sir.” She rushed to the front passenger door, climbed in, and with the Jeep’s top down, her diamond ring sparkled in the sun’s rays. As Trace hopped into the driver’s seat, she eyed the gold band on his ring finger. “Dad’s wedding ring looks good on you.”

“Mom’s looks great on you, too.”

“Yeah, it does. Get this Jeep moving, husband.”

“You got it, wife.”

As he exited the airport, he pressed the accelerator, and the Jeep tore down a ribbon of asphalt. With the wind sensually caressing her skin, she threw her hands in the air, and her excitement coiled tighter with each passing mile. She leaned over the console and grazed fingers over his thigh. “When we get to the suite, just do me. Okay?”

“Be ready. I’m bending you over a couch and ramming it deep, Pebbles.”

“Mmm. Pound me hard, Bam Bam.”

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April 13, 2022
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