Love Affair: Passion In Paradise

Love Affair: Passion In Paradise

by A.J. Mayes (Author)
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Only twenty-five, Jessica is young, rich, and famous, but being an A-List movie star comes with a price. Fleeing from a sex scandal that could bring her fame crashing down, Jessica travels to Maui. Questions haunt her. Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Is there such a thing as paradise on earth? Searching for a yes to both, she allows her heart to find the rhythm of the island. Will paradise and her love for a man last?


He ran fingers through his short black hair and smiled. “I enjoyed your last movie.”

Jessica laughed. “I bet you did. I played a detective who went undercover as a high-priced escort to nail a billionaire murderer.”

“The story was good.” He grinned. “I closed my eyes during the sex scenes.”

“Yeah, right. Tell me. Which do you like best, my chest or tail?”

“Say please.”

“Please.” She rolled her eyes.

“I’m a leg man... and yours are the best I’ve ever seen. But I admit, your chest is God’s gift to mankind.”

“Sweet talker. What about my tail?”

“I’ll need another look.”

“Say please.”


“In case you missed it, I’m wearing a thong.” She drained her glass, quickly turned on the lounge, and, lying on her stomach, purred, “Take your look.”

Feeling his eyes on her, she lay her head on the end of the lounge and gazed at the ocean. When thirty seconds passed with no comment from him, she raised her head and glanced back. “Well?”

“I’m still thinking.”

“C’mon. It can’t be that hard of a decision.”

“I’m trying to catch my breath.”

“Does that mean you like my tail?”

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April 13, 2022
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