Spellbound 3

Spellbound 3

de Damien Sol (Autor)
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Adam Bordun, the next Sage-in-waiting, continues his plot to destroy the man, his reputation, and his livelihood for his crimes for killing his father. What those plans are Adam plans to keep hidden upon his return. Nevertheless, events force Adam to take the reins of Sagehood far earlier than he thought he would. With a duel looming how will our hero deal with the events that might lead to his death.


“Adam, take me here; let your father watch as his son takes back what should have remained his,” Amanda purred as her hand rubbed her son. “You can’t fight me anymore, Adam; why else did you take me against that wall of that room if you don’t want this body?” Her breath was hot in her son’s ear. “You don’t have to like me; in here, I know you don’t,” she uttered in a sultry tone as her fingertips danced over his heart. “Yet here,” Amanda growled in hunger, “here I know you like me,” looking into her son’s eyes, reminding her so much of Jason when he was Adam’s age as she lightly stroked him. “You’ve dealt with the man that destroyed our family; now it's time for you to tame the woman that started it all,” she said as she freed Adam from his pants.

“You can try to fight it all you want, Adam, but we both know you love how I take care of you,” Amanda cooed, watching Adam’s eyes flutter as her fingernails lightly danced up her son. “Mmm… so much like your father, always so hot, so…” Her words died away as she inhaled her son. “So much better than Edward’s ever was?!” she said through gasps of breath when she came up for air. Smiling, “You like them, don’t you baby?” Amanda cooed wantonly as her hand stroked him. “Just wait till we’re alone in that nice, big, fancy manor of yours; I’ll have your head buried between them as for giving me this gift.”

“I know you don’t like the way I value status. You’ve made that very clear over the years, yet I can’t help that I do,” Amanda said, hiking up her skirt and pulling aside her underwear. “You see that, baby? That’s yours. Noticing how those who visited loved ones were paying them no attention. “You ready, baby? Because I want nothing more than being wrapped around you,” Amanda uttered in want as she lowered herself onto Adam’s lap.

“Like that, huh?” Adam asked in a cocky voice as his mother squeezed him.

“God, baby,” Amanda moaned softly.

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15 de abril de 2022
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