The Black Hand

The Black Hand

The Darkest Hour No.3
by Damien Sol (Author)
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Parane Camomire must face the returning to the city he had escaped from, knowing Alxiv wouldn't have their wedding. However, to cull Parane's ire and to keep him from suspecting her plans for the Woodland Elven kingdom, Alxiv presents something the Woodland Elven desperately needs.


Her featherlight touch glided along his body. Her deep moan, a sign of her orcan heritage, escaped her lips. Her fingers weaved through strands of his hair as she held him tightly to her bosom. How she felt herself aroused as she measured him in her mind, reminding her so much of home. Pushing Parane onto his back, the light of the moon danced along her tail as the sheet slid down it as she swung her leg over Parane’s waist.

“How about we put this little guy where it belongs,” Razha cooed low; teasing Parane’s chest as she hovered over him.

The moonlight that filtered through the window played along her body. “You like that orcan women don’t you, Parane?” Razha asked in a lustful tone. Her hair bounced, her chest swayed and jiggled as she bounced upon his pole. Pressing her hands against his when his own took hold of her.

“Well, you are the first orc I’ve ever been with, so, yes,” Parane answered with a coy smile.

“I plan on keeping it that way,” Razha uttered breathlessly. Her nails dragged down his chest, leaving scratches along his gold-purple skin. “You needn’t worry, Parane...

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April 15, 2022
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