Curvylicious Family Girls

Curvylicious Family Girls

by James Steele (Author)
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Young and hung, Jimmy's world changes the day his mother's friend, Brenda, sucks his cock on her living room couch while he steals glances at his curvy, bikini-clad mother sunbathing just outside. The big, beautiful blonde teases him about it, and before he knows it, sweet, young Jimmy is swimming in bountiful, feminine curves, including his luscious mother and sister, Chanel.


“Jimmy, I think Mom wants you to kiss her,” Chanel said, slowly massaging him.

Diane looked shyly at her son, but the look in her eyes told him Chanel was right. She was dying to feel her son’s lips take hers in a lover’s kiss. With his sister dutifully taking care of him, Jimmy leaned forward and kissed his mother’s pretty mouth. He felt a little rush of her breath into his mouth as she gasped at first, but then her tongue shot forward and twined with his as they kissed and plumped each other’s mouth.

With his sister touch, the young man of the house felt his mother’s hand exploring his body while they kissed each other ever deeper and harder. Chanel reached out her empty hand to untie the sash that was barely holding her mother’s dress closed. It fell open instantly, and Jimmy immediately started touching her. His heart was pounding with eager excitement.

His mother felt just as firm and smooth as his sister’s. And while he was still kissing his mother, he could feel his sister’s wet, swirly warmth. His mother felt so warm and heavy, and when he paid attention to her she moaned into his mouth a lot like Chanel did. Sensitivity must run in the family, he thought.

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April 16, 2022
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