Introduction to the Literary Art of the Gospel of John

A Biblical Approach
by Paul Jaesuk Jo (Author)
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The Gospel of John is a magnificent book. Intricate fabrics interweave its beautiful robe and its material is a finely twisted linen of many colors. Throughout the history of the church, interpreters have long been captivated by its loveliness and power. Many modern interpreters, however, would not hesitate to call it puzzling, confusing, or ridden with riddles at least. "What is John?" is therefore a fascinating question that lingers.
During the last half century, literary theories have been brought into the study of the Fourth Gospel with varying degrees of success. New analytical lenses are cast over the Gospel to render its secrets, but it feels as if only those who are initiated into its mystery have the knowledge. Reading and rereading strategies are offered, but the path out of the vast labyrinth is difficult to find.
The Gospel of John, however, surprisingly reads much like the Old Testament. In fact, its form is deeply imbued in the styles of Old Testament poetry, narratives, and prophets, that when they are properly understood together, John's message comes across clearly.
Taking a comprehensive view of the styles of the Old Testament, this book takes you to see John in its grand design.

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May 24, 2022
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