God’s Not Forgotten Me

Experiencing Faith in Dementia
by 'Tricia Williams (Author)
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What happens to faith if you get dementia? Does the real "you" disappear? Does your relationship with God evaporate as neurons begin to disconnect? Will you forget God? Here, the voices of Christians from the evangelical tradition bring insight to the profound questions faith encounters amidst the disorientation of dementia: ". . . even when my brain falls apart . . . nothing can separate me from the love of God . . . faith is stronger." 'Tricia Williams seeks deeper understanding of their faith experience and practice through careful listening and theological reflection within the boundaries of a biblical agenda: who I am, knowing God, experience and practice of faith, the shadows of suffering, embodied memory, spiritual growth, and hope for now. Fresh theological insights and challenges for the church call for creative practices to nurture the faith of disciples of Jesus who live with this disease: "They must remind me." In this book, these voices reveal a growing, positive experience of faith in the light of dementia--and of hope in Christ. Faith does not end with diagnosis: "God . . . has not forgotten me."

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May 24, 2022
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