Hot Politics

Hot Politics

by Alana Sophia (Author)
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Sexy former model Mrs. Pierce is hot for City Councilman Rod. She’s 45 and with firm FF breasts and a great yoga ass. While picking up social activism she finds a fresh thrill with the young, handsome Councilman. Yet she masks her attraction with antagonism, publicly embarrassing him. Councilman Rod may be young, but he isn’t a man to be pushed around. And with the experienced Mrs. Pierce teasing this tiger, just who will get taken down?


Next he pulls out another chair so that he is sitting facing me. There’s no restriction between us. He sits fewer than several inches away from me. He stares into my eyes for a moment. An uncomfortable pause moves by between us. I peer down to open a file in my hand. And when I look up, His wet mouth is on mine!

His wet lips press against me. His tongue is vigorous, passionate inside my mouth. His hand grabs the back of my hair. He tugs and holds my head still as he comes closer. My heart is drumming so fast I can barely catch my breath. He stands me up and holds me tight against him. I feel his arousal in his trousers. “You’ve wanted me for a long time,“ he says, glaring sharply into my eyes.

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Publication date
April 17, 2022
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