Daddy's Little Angel

Daddy's Little Angel

de Angel Scott (Auteur)
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Welp! The author is at it once again! Wanna know even more dirty, taboo, interesting facts about her? Everyone loves to talk. Especially little Angel. Join this hot tale of father and daughter getting it on!


Seconds later, I looked into the mirror that stood tall on my gray carpeted floor. I slowly took off my clothes knowing daddy would not see. Piece by piece. Each item came off. First my top. Bra. Jeans. Lastly, my bikini undies. I did not care if daddy saw me naked. It would not be the first time he did. Accidents happen when you do not know when someone uses the restroom.

Since daddy stayed downstairs, I did not know what he did at that moment. Cannot see through walls. I looked at my entire body. I tried to enjoy it. To devour and enjoy my body. And then my fingers trailed down the flat belly.

“Eeewww!” I crinkled my small, short, pointed, nose. My glasses rose up a notch on my high cheeks because of my weird face making moment.

“Yuck! I am too damn ugly for a guy.” I said to myself aloud. The scar looked and felt ugly to me. It went straight down to my belly button.

“You look beautiful, Goof.” Daddy said as he stood behind me.

I did not know daddy came in. I jumped a mile high. “Daddy! You scared me.” I turned around with my hand on my chest. Still shaken up from the scare.

“Sorry, Goof. I came to tell you that Liza called earlier. I forgot to tell you that. You were in the shower when she called. You’re supposed to call her back.”

“Okay, thanks daddy.”

“Daddy, why did God choose me to be the one with scars? I feel ugly.” I complained.

“You’re special, unique, and beautiful. You’re a miracle. My miracle.” Daddy smiled at me and then leaned down. He kissed me on the forehead.

I rolled my eyes. I watched as daddy turned and walked away. I wondered if he really meant that. Still naked, I shut my eyes and touched my chest again. I wanted to be touched. To be loved. To be wanted. Would if I ever feel that?

I opened my eyes. Shit! Got caught. I hurried to try to cover up. But I could see daddy peeking inside.

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17 avril 2022
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