An Introduction to the Phenomenology of Performance Art

di T. J. Bacon (Autore)
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This original and unique new book takes an integrated approach to interrogating the experience and location of the self/s within the context of performance art practice. In its framing and execution of practical exercises and focused snapshots of internationally recognized performance practice, Bacon situates their argument within the boundaries of specialism in the critical curation of performance art praxis as well as contemporary phenomenological scholarship.

Introducing the study and application of performance art through phenomenology for radical artists, educators and practitioner-researchers; this exciting new book invites readers to take part, explore contemporary performance art and activate their own practices.

Applying a queer phenomenology to unpack the importance of a multiplicity of Self/s, the book guides readers to be academically rigorous when capturing embodied experiences, featuring exercises to activate their practices and clear introductory definitions to key phenomenological terms. Includes interviews and insights from some of the best examples of transgressive performance art practice of this century help to help unpack the application of phenomenology as Bacon calls for a queer reimagining of Heidegger’s ‘The Origin of the Work of Art.’

This is an important contribution to the field, and will be welcomed by performance artists and academics interested in performance. It may also appeal to those teaching concepts of phenomenology.

It will be relevant to students of performance as well as to artists, audiences and museum goers. The approachable layout and clear authorial voice will add to the appeal for students, early career researchers and mean that it has strong potential for inclusion in undergraduate and postgraduate syllabi within the field. 

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29 marzo 2022
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