Shadow Forest: A Wolf Shifter Romance (Wolf Mountain Pack Book 3)

Shadow Forest: A Wolf Shifter Romance (Wolf Mountain Pack Book 3)

by Mac Flynn (Author)
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Tranquility has returned to Greylock Manor, but their peace is soon broken by the arrival of another unexpected guest.

The spirit of the forest that covers Wolf Mountain pays them a visit and accuses Greylock of breaking their pact made long ago. In order to renew the bonds he must face the three trials he once overcame, but time and wear have taken their toll.

Alex knows this, and with Chris at her side she ventures after him as he makes his way to the location of the trials. The trouble starts at the first trial, and Greylock falls to his opponent. Stricken by more than just his grievous wounds, Greylock is unable to complete the trials. With no other option, all the pack members offer to take his place.

The spirit of the woods makes its choice, and Alex will be their champion. Chris pleads to help her, and the spirit agrees to have both of them face the trials. The catch, however, is they must face a fourth challenge, one that tests their bond. Win, and they confront its tests. Fail, and Alex must face the trials alone in the heart of darkness.

Unfortunately, one more player presents themselves at the trials, a player more formidable than they’ve ever faced. Together with their friends, Chris and Alex find themselves facing not only a threat on the entire forest, but their very lives.

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April 26, 2022
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