Breaking Through the Plate Glass Window—Prophetic Fragments

On Doing Justice and Loving Kindness in a Time of Reckoning
by Michael Granzen (Author)
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This is a selection of writings on themes of trauma and transformation, hope and anguish, in a time of reckoning. The first section offers biographical fragments about life after the "bulldozer" runs you over. How do you get up? How do you live with others who don't understand? How do you keep walking? They draw upon life experiences in Boston, Iona, and New Jersey. Faith is not so much about agreeing with doctrine, but a dynamic, active, seeking, questioning, trust in God. It includes both audacity and humility. The second section draws upon fragments of historical reflection, "On Violent Innocence, Mourning, and Metanoia in New Jersey." This is an exploration of the principality of white racism, state-based violence, and exploitation of the poor. It asks the question: How did the Confederate flag get in the front window of the Presbyterian church on Lincoln's birthday? Some of the white terrorism that happened at the Capitol is prefigured here. Yet there is grace hidden in judgment. We cannot heal from what we do not name. The third section contains fragments of prophetic wisdom from Lorna Goodison, Richard Fenn, Mike Gecan, Karen Hernandez-Granzen, and Archange Antoine. Along with Traci West and Chris Hedges, their voices are strong and true.

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Traci C. West (Introduction author), Chris Hedges (Introduction author)
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May 31, 2022
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