Engaging in Spiritual Conversations
by Steve Shores (Author)
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We live in a vast social wordscape made up almost entirely of chit-chat, or we're being talked at rather than with. Often, we feel targeted by others' words rather than invited into a mutual conversation. It can be hard to find a relationship that involves solid words on which to rest our tattered souls. In your hands, you hold a book with pages dusted by the Word, Jesus Christ. It assumes that since Jesus is still alive and still hears and speaks, there really is hope that humans can do the same. In fact, we're designed to do the same, we've just lost the skill. This object you have found, this book, invites you to engage in spiritual conversations, those that the Spirit of Christ, our helper, has always hoped we could have with each other. In spiritual conversations, chit-chat and targeting give way to real talk in which to rest, heal, repent, and grow.

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May 26, 2022
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