Scopes of Alliance

by Elma Gabriel-Mayers (Author)
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Welcome to ‘‘Scopes of Alliance”; a work of openness, tips and bits, elements which aided the writer’s journey of survival, her loss of a parent and brother during the Covid19 pandemic; her consideration to that of the encounters of many relatives, close friends and her community at large. Thousands of others; some whose last connection was that ‘drop off in faith’, that dreadful reality which equalizes a society to seclusion, Surges into a political confusion, a capitalist game controlled by a market trend, managed to the disadvantage of a people in isolation.
Elma’s observation excels within her writings; releases a mixture of encounters– Of inspirational quotes for survival. A realist who admits that to find the real meaning of love you have to look into the eyes of the little ones, that being in-distress is the purity to those innocence; tarnished by the unconscious confusions of The Day.
And so as she prepares the release of her third volume, she brings us closer within her inner circle, by way of poetry, quotes and the opportunity of reading between the lines of her walk through what she terms “my destiny”. She welcomes you with a peek into her passion….. ‘Feel the passion within the book; Her PROSE.................
As through mid-winter I see
The wonders of a summer tree,
Mirrored by rays of the sun ablaze...........
A silent sound a trick at play,
A tinging here a toggle there..............
The sun may dim but not as grimed, so worry not what –Life’s destiny still spins.

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June 01, 2022
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