Can Muslims Think?

Race, Islam, and the End of Europe
de Muneeb Hafiz (Auteur)
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As Europe goes astray, deeply conflicted about where it is within and with the world, it does not know what it wants to know about, or do, with the racial subject. In this situation, the Muslim becomes an intense source of anxiety, one that is at once terrifying and called to answer for Europe’s existential fear of relegation. Islamophobia thus represents both the racism constitutive of European modernity and is also symptomatic of contemporary transformations in racist power, knowledge, and governance, propelled by technologies and economies of endless wars on terror. But how might the Muslim speak about the world, its past, and unfolding terrors? Which questions must she answer, and which answers does Europe deem acceptable? Presenting a speculative theory of the post-racial subject of Islamophobia, Can Muslims Think? is an attempt to build a vocabulary for analyzing the complexities of racism today, its potential futurity, and techniques for its dismantling.

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14 juin 2022
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