Being Sally Cartwright

de Mario Borazio (Autor)
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Sally Cartwright is a loner who leads a boring life. She catches the same bus to work every day, eats the same lunch at the same café every day, and comes home to her inner city flat every night where she eats dinner alone and watches the same dull TV shows. Then one day she hits her head on the pavement and is forced into seeing a psychiatrist who begins delving into her past. She is made to relive horrific memories of her childhood, all of which involve her abusive mother who is forever putting her down. The consequences of her head knock also lead to a chance meeting with a young man who she feels an attraction toward. When he turns out to be a different man to the one she thought he was, she begins to question her own worth as well as all of life itself. Through the continued support of her unwavering psychiatrist, she begins to piece her life back together and can begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. But life throws up new challenges when she is forced to care for her sick mother. With no friends to lean on, can she negotiate her obnoxious mother and still succeed in her quest to find true happiness?

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5 de junio de 2022
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