A View to a Door

A Collection of Abstract Essays: a Book of Peace and Harmony
de Jane Summers (Auteur)
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A view to a door is a collection of abstract disquisition essays, and will unfold an experience abstract for a view of different doors such as trust, support, peace, harmony, progress and others.

Disquisitions are a way to create new essays from a topic of study and assemble into essays for new knowledge studies through defining and identifying differences in doors to new essays and new studies.

I have received the Marquis Top Professional Award for the year 2022 for career longevity and unwavering excellence in the chosen field. I have also received inclusion in Marquis Who’s Who World for professional integrity, for demonstrating outstanding achievement in the respective field, and for making innumerable contributions to society as a whole

I will release a new musical album Autumn Sacred, this summer. These are 6 songs composed on piano and recorded in a music studio.

Jane Summers

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6 juin 2022
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