Summary of Ann Patchett's Truth & Beauty

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 I had been to Iowa City once before in June to find a place to live. I was looking for two apartments then, one for myself and one for Lucy Grealy, who I had gone to college with. I got a note from Lucy not long after receiving my acceptance letter from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She said that initially she was sorry because she had wanted to be the only student from Sarah Lawrence there.

#2 I was always picked to give readings in the coffee shop on Parents’ Weekend. People pressed into the little room to listen to her, her voice as small as it was when she directed us to the emergency exits on Friday nights, but more self-confident.

#3 I had graduated from college early and went back home to Nashville. When I got Lucy’s letter, I never considered telling her no, she could find her own place to live. I rented the only practical thing I could find, half of a very ugly green duplex on Governor Street for $375 a month.

#4 When I moved in with Tina, she had just finished mopping the floor three days before in honor of my arrival. The air in the duplex was so hot and humid that the water and Pine Sol had simply puddled and stayed for three days.

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