Summary of Robert T. Muller's Trauma and the Avoidant Client

by   Everest Media (Author)
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#1 Sandra came to see me because she was finding it increasingly difficult to function at work. She was irritable and unhappy for reasons she couldn’t understand. She rarely called her friends anymore and was not interested in going anywhere other than work.

#2 The attachment system is a biologically based system that is oriented toward seeking protection and maintaining proximity to the attachment figure in response to real or perceived threat or danger. The child gradually develops stable patterns of defense and affect regulation that adapt to the caregiving environment.

#3 The developmental research literature has identified four patterns of adult attachment: autonomous, avoidant, preoccupied, and unresolved. Adults who are autonomous, secure in their relationships, present a balanced, consistent, and objective view of early relationships. In contrast, adults who are avoidant or preoccupied with their past relationships demonstrate discomfort with the discussion of such experiences.

#4 The typical course of life involves excluding information that is defensively excluded. This occurs when the child’s attachment behavior is strongly aroused, but is responded to inadequately by the parent. The child will feel prolonged distress rather than feeling soothed.

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June 11, 2022
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