Veiled By Desire

Veiled By Desire

by Candace Robinson (Author)
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Sometimes fate has other plans…

In Laith, when the moons are high, Tavarra gains the ability to walk the land, losing her seahorse-like tail. But should she remain out of the water, a curse will consume her, turning her into a beast with sharp fangs and long claws. A creature that, on some nights, becomes a rampaging monster.

Rhona and her village are under a sinister leader’s control. He took Rhona from the man she loves, stripped away her water ability, then forces her to retrieve a coveted prism that will increase his powers.

When Tavarra and Rhona cross paths, they agree to help each other succeed. They then embark on separate missions in hopes of breaking Tavarra’s curse and saving Rhona’s loved ones. But with an untamable beast inside Tavarra, and Rhona having to wander through a dangerous forest with a man who sparks her desire, nothing is certain...

Veiled By Desire is the epic NA companion sequel filled with magic, sizzling friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, and a unique fae world that will make you wish you had a direct portal to.

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Publication date
April 28, 2022
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