Summary of Michael Bar-Zohar & Nissim Mishal's No Mission Is Impossible

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The Old Man, David Ben-Gurion, wanted to attack Latrun, a fortress near Jerusalem, and break the siege of Jerusalem. But Yigael Yadin, the commander of the Seventh Brigade, wanted to stop the Egyptians first. They couldn’t agree on what to do, and the siege of Jerusalem continued.

#2 The Israeli forces had gained control of a strip of land between Hulda and the approaches to Jerusalem, west of Latrun. The front commander, General David Marcus, decided to try reaching Jerusalem from the plain by jeep.

#3 The Road of Valor was built to get supplies to Jerusalem, and it was completed on the night before the truce began, on June 11, 1948. The work, however, continued till July 14, when the UN observers visited the site and saw the Israeli trucks climbing all the way to Jerusalem.

#4 The trucks rolled on Burma Road, and Jerusalem was saved. The truce began a few hours later, and Jerusalem was saved.

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